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Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Basics (MediGap)

  • To become eligible for a Medigap policy, you must be enrolled in Medicare Part A & Part B.

  • Supplements do not have an annual election period, so they can be cancelled at any time. 

  • Only 1 person per policy as these are individual plans

  • Pre-Existing conditions cannot prevent you from renewing a Medicare supplement plan. 

  • Drop out of your supplement whenever you want, since they don’t have an annual election period.

  • No health condition can keep you from renewing your supplements.

MediGap Plans

Medigap Plan A

  • Plan covers 20% on outpatient care. 

  • For those who qualify for Medigap under the age of 65 due to an illness or disability,  this plan can be bought during open enrollment w/o underwriting.

  • For those under 65, the cost for the Medigap A plan may be significantly more when compared to an individual who is 65 or older.

Medigap Plan B

  • Same coverage of Medicare Plan A

  • Will cover Medicare Part A hospital deductible

  • The deductible is paid several times in the same year

  • Rates vary from insurance company and are based on location, gender, age,  household discounts, and if you are a smoker. 

Medigap Plan C

  • Same coverage as Medigap Plans A & B.

  • Medicare excess charges are not covered.

  • Excess charges could possibly go over 15% more than what Medicare would pay.

Medigap Plan D

  • This plan provides coverage for the gaps in Medicare such as 20% outpatient charges.

  • Deductible is not covered. 

  • Medicare excess charges are not covered. 

Medigap Plan F

  • All Medicare gaps are covered such as deductibles & copays

  • Rates vary by insurance company are are determined location, smoking, age, gender, & household discounts

  • There is a High Deductible Plan F as well. Contact us for more info.  

Medigap Plan G

  • Include the same coverage as Medigap Plan F with the exception of the Part B $183 deductible .

  • Hospital expenses while in the hospital are covered. This also included the $1340 deductible.

  • This plan also covers a majority of outpatient care, excluding the $183 deductible. 

Medigap Plan K

  • This plan has lower premiums and increased cost-sharing w/ the insurance company.

  • Parts A and B deductibles are not covered but an additional year in the hospital may be covered.

  • Covers all the same basic benefits

Medigap Plan L

  • Medigap Plan L has reduced premiums for 75% of the medical expenses covered by carrier.

  • Medicare Part B deductible & surcharges are not covered.

Medigap Plan M

  • Basic Coverage 

  • Lower monthly premiums

  • Full annual outpatient  may not be covered. You may also be responsible for half of the hospital deductibles

Medigap Plan N

  • Lower monthly premiums

  • Covers the 20% Medicare doesn’t including: hospital deductible, copays, & coinsurance

  • The cost sharing will become greater to include: $20 of doctor copay & $50 for an Emergency Room visit

For more information on the following: 

  • Underwriting

  • Guaranteed Issue Windows

  • OEP (Open Enrollment Period)

  • What Is Not Covered by Medigap

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