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Enjoy Simplicity with Long-Term
Insurance Plans in Tampa, FL

Insurance is crucial when it comes to protecting yourself, your loved ones and your health. If you are looking for insurance options that offer simplicity, then you can count on Affordable Insurance Team. As a full service long term insurance company in Tampa, FL, we offer a range of coverage for 12 or more months. We offer a plan that helps cover the cost of chronic medical conditions so that you can have peace of mind that you are covered regardless of the challenges that you may face. 

We Help in a Range of Long-Term Insurance Situations

At Affordable Insurance Team, we offer coverage for a range of situations. For the cognitively impaired, we provide benefits for the elderly or infirm who need care in nursing homes, assisted living or at home. Our plans cover the expense associated with long-term care, such as stays in nursing home facilities or home health care provided by a professional. We offer an employee benefit program, with retirement benefits, pensions and life insurance including those receivable after employment terminates. Our policy options are designed for simplicity, offering coverage in a seamless and transparent way.

How Long-Term Disability Insurance in Tampa, FL Works

At Affordable Insurance Team, we strive to be the best long-term disability insurance provider in Tampa, FL. Regardless of your situation, our team will design the right type of coverage that caters to your unique needs. Long term disability plans will cover you for a number of years following an eligibility period of two to three years. These regular payments can ensure that you can still pay your bills during the period where you are unable to work. We work with you to find a policy that suits your needs as well as your budget, so that you can have peace of mind during this challenging time.

Looking for Long-Term Disability Insurance in Tampa?

Long term disability insurance helps employees to receive a portion of their income when they are absent from work for an extended period due to a covered disability. This type of insurance covers essential living expenses and can help pay for food, clothing, utilities, your mortgage, car payments and more. You will receive a portion of your salary paid directly to you each month if you are unable to work. To learn more about long term disability insurance in Tampa, FL, contact our team at (844) 937-0303.

Call us now for a quote 1-844-937-0303.
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