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What types of insurance policies do you offer?

We offer individual and family health plans, accident insurance, individual and group dental and vision insurance, life insurance, and disability plans.

What is covered in an Accident Insurance Plan?

An accident insurance plan covers injuries that result from accidents.

How do I renew my insurance policy?

Before your insurance policy expires, a renewal notice will usually be sent to you, containing instructions on how to renew your policy and what steps or documentation are needed. It is essential to thoroughly review this notice and take appropriate action before the policy expiration.

What is the process for renewing a health insurance policy?

Renewing a health insurance policy involves several steps, such as reviewing and updating your coverage, assessing any modifications in premiums or benefits, and confirming your decision to continue with the policy. It is vital to adhere to the instructions given in the renewal notice, or get in touch with our customer service for guidance.

Are routine examinations covered under medical insurance?

The coverage for routine examinations in medical policies varies based on your specific policy and plan. It is essential to review the policy details or consult with our insurance agents to fully grasp the options available for routine examinations.

What happens if I cancel my policy?

To cancel your policy, please contact us. There may be fees and other requirements associated with cancellation, so it is important to review your policy terms carefully before making a decision.

Can you explain the coverage options available under your life insurance plans?

We offer whole life insurance, which is coverage for your entire life, and term life insurance, which is a fixed rate insurance for a limited time period.

What is the waiting period for an insurance policy?

The waiting period for an insurance policy is subject to variation, contingent on the type of coverage and the specific policy terms. To grasp the waiting period that applies to your policy, it is essential to review your policy documents or seek guidance from your insurance agent.

How do group health insurance plans work?

A group health insurance plan will be chosen very carefully in order to cover the needs of each member of the group. This means that everyone will be able to contribute to the decision-making process.

What is the process for making changes to the health insurance policy?

If you require any changes to your health insurance policy, such as adding or removing dependents or updating coverage options, please reach out to our customer service or your insurance agent. They will assist you throughout the process and supply the required forms or documentation.

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