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New to Medicare? Need more info about Medicare eligibility? Unsure what Medicare supplement is right for you? Schedule a call today!

How Does Medicare Work

Medicare insurance plan in tampa, Florida governed by the federal government. This program is eligible for:


  • Legal residents who have been here for at least 5 consecutive years

  • American citizens who are 65 or older or

  • Individual who may have had a qualifying disability or illness


Generally, once an individual is eligible, they will become automatically enrolled into Part A & Part B; however, some may need to enroll on their own. 

What Does Each Medicare Part Cover?

  1. Medicare Part A provides hospital coverage. 

  2. Medicare Part B provides outpatient medical coverage. 

  3. Medicare Part C are also known as MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLANS, is both Part A & B and is considered private insurance. 

  4. Medicare Part D helps provide coverage for prescriptions.

Turning 65 Soon? We Help You Know Your Options

Know these 5 facts: 

  1. You may be automatically eligible for Medicare, or you may have to sign up. If you are almost 65 or are already 65 or older & not getting Social Security benefits you may have to sign up. We can help you find out which group you fall under!

  2. You can sign up for coverage at certain times of the year.

  3. You can prevent a penalty if you enroll in Medicare Part B as soon as you become eligible.

  4. You have control over how you get your Medicare coverage.

Don't get confused by Medicare!
Give us a call and we'll help you navigate through your options. We keep it simple giving you peace of mind!
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