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Group Medical Plans

Group Medical Plans

Employer Health Insurance

Did you know, a company as small as 2 employees can qualify for a group health insurance plan in Tampa, FL?


We offer many additional benefits to our businesses just for being part of the Affordable Insurance Team family!  Call us to find out more.

We specialize in creating a comprehensive employee benefits package for small to large size businesses.


Our health insurance company in tampa will help your company navigate through the ever-changing health care options and regulations, so you can find a plan that works best for your company & your employees.


We do not just pick a plan and send you on your way, we analyze your specific needs and develop a comprehensive benefits package to help your business thrive and grow. We understand how important employee benefits are to the growth of your business and will hold your hand along the way.

We will meet with your company and your employees to ensure your group medical insurance plan includes the benefits and coverage needed. 

Call us now for a quote 1-844-937-0303.
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