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Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan

Fixed Indemnity Health Insurance Plans

What Are Fixed Indemnity Health Insurance Plans?

A fixed indemnity health insurance plan is a type of supplemental health insurance people use to control their out-of-pocket medical expenses. Fixed Indemnity Plans are a great way to add additional protection should you suffer a serious illness, or accident as they will pay you a fixed cash benefit for certain medical expenses. 

Am I Eligible For A Fixed Indemnity Plan? 

Everyone is eligible to sign-up for a Fixed Indemnity Plan. You can also cancel at any time, as well!

What does a "Fixed Cash Benefit" mean?  

Fixed cash benefits is actual cash paid to you by the insurance company per your policy to pay for specified accidents or injuries to cover your medical costs. 

The big difference is: The insurance company pays you instead of the medical provider. 

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