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Dental & Vision Insurance Plans

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Dental Insurance

Why Dental Coverage Is Important

Dental coverage of some kind can help you ensure the health of your teeth and gums. Unfortunately, if you are bearing the full brunt of the cost of dental care you may find it difficult to pay your dentist bills. Without dental insurance coverage, you may be tempted to skip regular cleanings and checkups, a decision that could lead to serious dental health problems.




Vision Insurance

Why Vision Coverage Is Important

At its most basic level, vision insurance helps cover the cost of routine eye exams, contact lenses and glasses. Some vision plans also pay for corrective procedures such as laser eye surgery. Additionally, most plans include one pair of glasses or contacts a year.


Why Choose Affordable Health Insurance Team? 

We understand it can not only be confusing but down right FRUSTRATING when selecting the right insurance plan for your yourself, family, or employees! So, we keep it simple because insurance doesn't have to be complicated.


You can expect us to take the time to listen to you & consult with you about your insurance needs to ensure your coverage fits your unique situation. Our team then matches you with affordable care options

We take pride in the long term relationships we have built with our customers! You can have piece of mind knowing you can always give us a call with any questions you might have & we will take the time to ensure you feel confident with your health insurance coverage options. 

Let us put our over 18 years of experience in the insurance industry to work for you you day!

We Go That Extra Step

Mother and Son

I have been a client of Natalie's since 2016. She has worked tirelessly to help me navigate insurance challenges to find resolve. She always is ready to help with a cheerful disposition and a knowledge that I regularly depend on. If you are in need of an insurance agent that you can confidently depend on to get you the best rates possible and is always there when needed, look no further than Natalie Ross!


Spa Day

I have 4 spas in Florida that Natalie helped me insure my employees. She is great to work with and very knowledgeable about insurance. We have been with Natalie for 2 years now. She shops my insurance every year to find me a low rate. I have worked with brokers before and Natalie won us over.


Man with Headphones

When I first spoke with Natalie Ross some years ago she was very friendly and very knowledgeable and took the time to make sure I understood all I needed to know no matter how long that may have taken on my part lol. Natalie also helped me to find a suitable price per month to fit not only my budget but my needs. She's is the best I have ever spoken with and hope she is always there when I need her.


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